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Daz to Blender 2.8 Comparison

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

For those following my YouTube Channel, you've probably noticed quite a few videos describing how to import a DAZ Studio Character into #Blender 3D. The other day I had the opportunity to try this out in the beta Blender 2.8. The two methods I described before, Daz Importer and FBX, behaved differently this time around.

I'm going to do a full video on this, but I just wanted to share the gist of what happened.

The Daz Importer gives a few more options when importing a character. Overall, it performs pretty much the same as in Blender 2.79, if not better. The FBX method now uses the Principled Shader (which is great), however, most of the skin materials have the specular and metallic values turned way up.

As you know from using the FBX method, the body of a DAZ character has over a dozen separate materials. You would have to edit each one in order to correct this issue. Perhaps a future version of Blender 2.8 will correct this issue.

For the Eevee settings, there should be a Settings section near the bottom of the material tab. In Eevee, there is a Blend Mode. Change that from Opaque to Alpha Blend. There are other Alpha choices as well but I don't know which works best. Change this for every material with an Alpha Channel in its node setup. This should include Hair, Eyes (Eye reflection, Cornea, etc), and Eyelashes.

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